Manchester’s Northern Quarter gets #UpInYourGrill

The joys of Glastonbury may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have food, alcohol, and music based fun in the sun!

On Saturday I managed to make my way down to “Up In Your Grill”, the latest creation of B.EAT Street Manchester. For those of you unaware of who B.EAT Street Manchester are, they’re the team behind “Friday Food Fight”.

Friday Food Fight was a series of events held in a beautiful Victorian market hall on Deansgate, promoting the best in local restaurants, cafes, street food vendors and bars. These events took place every Friday night for 12 consecutive weeks, each one having a soundtrack provided by one of Manchester’s club nights.

Anyway, I managed to attend Friday Food Fight, and was pretty disappointed when the series drew to a close. Imagine my excitement then, when I heard that not only were the B.EAT Street team planning a follow up, but they were looking to go bigger and better.

Up In Your Grill follows a similar format to Friday Food Fight – Manchester club nights and DJs spinning a variety of tunes, while a selection of local eateries satisfy your hunger, and your thirst is quenched through a range of craft beers, ciders, and cocktails. The main difference with Up In Your Grill is that it now stretches over the weekend, with the first part taking place on Friday evening, with the event continuing on Saturday afternoon into the evening. And while Friday Food Fight took part indoors, Up In Your Grill is split, taking place both inside and outside Brownsfield Mill in the Northern Quarter.

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When we arrived we were greeted by a makeshift shanty town of sorts, consisting of a bar and four different food stalls – SoLiTa, Hungry Hombres, Mughli and Viet Shack. Above this in a tree house were the afternoon and evening’s musical choice, the DJs from Horse Meat Disco.

Our first stop was the bar, where we were greeted by a range of different drinks options. I opted for a pint of “Drop it Like It’s Hop”, which went down rather nicely. I  later mixed things up and went for the “Longboard”, which was also nice, but I think the “Drop it Like It’s Hop” came out as winner for me.

After enjoying a couple of drinks in the sunshine, listening to some upbeat disco tunes, it was time to eat. I decided to check out Hungry Hombres, as I wasn’t familiar with the brand. I had the pulled pork burger, which was nice, albeit slightly small, and the “Elotes”, which I’m assuming is Mexican for corn on the cob. This was lovely, having been brushed with butter, then topped with feta cheese and lime.

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A couple more drinks down, and we decided to see what Mughli had to offer. Mughli is one of my favourite curry houses in Manchester, so I was intrigued as to how they would handle “street food”. I went for the “Gunpowder Chips”, which ended up being the star of the show for me. Sweet potato fries, topped with a pickled slaw and an aubergine and potato chilli/curry – bloody lovely.

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This sort of event is what makes me love Manchester, bringing people together through good food, good drinks, good music, and overall good vibes. I would definitely recommend making an appearance, and with a number of events still to occur, you have no excuse not to check it out.

Happy eating…