Five things you should be listening to this weekend (vol. 3)

Another Friday, another list of tunes you should be listening to this weekend. And it’s a pretty good list, if I do say so myself – JMSN, Kele, Japanese Wallpaper, Jessie Ware and Frank Ocean.

Let’s do this.

JMSN – Street Sweeper

I first came across JMSN when he featured on the Kaytranada track All We Do. More recently I’ve been checking out some of his own work, and am a huge fan of his new single Street Sweeper. The video works so well with the song as well, nice and minimalistic.

Kele – Doubt

This week saw Bloc Party’s Kele release his second solo album Trick. The album is a million miles away from Silent Alarm, which I think we can all agree was an absolutely cracking album. Trick sees Kele continue his journey away from his indie roots, with a much more house feel throughout this album.

Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In (Feat. Wafia)

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Japanese Wallpaper this week, and only just found out that apparently he’s only 17! More great chill out music, Breathe In has become an early favourite for me. Check out his SoundCloud to hear more like this.

Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

Another new album released this week, the long awaited second album from Jessie Ware. I’ve listened to Tough Love a few times this week and I like what I hear so far. I’ll definitely be giving it a few more plays.

Frank Ocean – Orion

This week I came across The Lonny Breaux Collection, which is a 63 track collection of unreleased Frank Ocean records. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an official release, but I could be wrong. Either way, it should hopefully tide us over until he releases his next album – whenever that may be. As a side note as well, I did try to embed the entire playlist in this post, but it just wouldn’t work. Google it though, and you can download the entire thing pretty easily.

Enjoy your weekends, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…