The new “Better Call Saul” music video is everything you could ask for

It’s been over a year since the end of Breaking Bad. Remember, that TV show that consumed so many of our lives and left a huge gaping hole behind when it ended? I was pretty late to the Breaking Bad party, but instantly became hooked, and was pretty upset when it all came to an end.

Then, as with any major TV series, there were rumours of spin-offs. Now usually, I’m not a huge fan of spin-offs, but when I heard the premise for Better Call Saul, I was suddenly given hope. And now, months later, AMC have released the following music video to further promote the upcoming show.

Personally, I love this little country and western number. Junior Brown’s voice works perfectly with the lyrics, giving a little hint of the dark comedy I was hoping for. I know a lot of people who are sceptical about Better Call Saul, which is understandable, but I think the fact that they are trying to make it completely separate from Breaking Bad is a good thing.

Better Call Saul is due to hit our screens in February next year.