Manchester students show you how not to throw a house party

House parties are an important part of student life, whether you throw them yourself, or just attend those thrown by others. I’ve been to some great parties in my time – great music, great people, great fun. It seems that not everybody has had the same good experiences as me, however, as this short film from Manchester Metropolitan University shows.

The film was created by the MMU Student Union, in association with Manchester Student Homes as part of the Alcohol Impact project by the National Union of Students and the Home Office. The clip shows some students getting ready to go to a house party, then shows various things going wrong Рpeople getting glassed, people getting their possessions stolen, neighbours complaining and the police turning up.

I can understand why this film has been made. I’ve heard stories of parties getting out of hand, but have never been to one myself where any major trouble has kicked off. It seems like this is trying to put people off parties in general though, rather than just telling them to be a bit more thoughtful when organising them.

It’s not that difficult to throw a successful party. Firstly, never just leave your door open, that’s just asking for trouble. Don’t invite people you don’t know or don’t trust. Let the neighbours know in advance that there might be a bit of noise. Or even better, don’t throw a party yourself if you’re not confident you can keep in under control.

The main point to take from this though, is that you don’t want to go to a party thrown by these guys, it looks terrible!