Happy World Book Day!

World Book Day is here again, which means children (and some adults) around the world will be dressing up as their favourite literary characters and sharing their favourite books with each other. I’ve always loved getting lost in a good book. I think this is because it provides a form of escapism, allowing you to forget about your day to day worries and fully immerse yourself in the world of fiction.

It always stresses me out a little when I hear people talking about how they haven’t read a single book since they left school, or that they don’t see the point in reading because “you can always just watch the film instead”. If anything, I almost feel sorry for these people, as it’s like they’re missing out on something incredible, letting their imagination go to waste.

Anyway, to celebrate World Book Day 2015, here are some quotes from a few of my favourite authors.

jack kerouac quote

hunter s thompson quote


allen ginsberg quote

thom wolfe quote

oscar wilde quote


Happy reading!