Kanye West is headlining Glastonbury and some people aren’t happy

Yeezy season is well and truly upon us.

Recently, not a day goes by without Kanye West making the headlines for one reason or another, and this week is no different. On Monday, the rumours were confirmed and it was announced than Kanye will be headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury on the Saturday night. While many people, myself included, were ecstatic at the prospect of seeing Yeezy drop All Falls Down, All of the Lights, Through the Wire, All Day, or any of his other absolute bangers down on Worthy Farm, some other people were less enthused.

As with any festival announcement, it’s perfectly natural to see some people unhappy or disagreeing with certain acts. One extra unhappy chappy took things a step further though, starting a petition to remove Kanye from the lineup.

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Cancel Kanye West’s headline slot and get a rock band

“Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world. We spend hundreds of pounds to attend glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment.

Kanye has been very outspoken on his views on music….he should listen to his own advice and pass his headline slot on to someone deserving!

Lets prevent this musical injustice now!”


As I’m writing this, the petition has over 5,000 signatures but I feel as though the person who created it, those who signed it, and those who agree with the sentiment seem to be missing the whole point of what Glastonbury is all about.

I’ll admit that Yeezy isn’t for everyone. You could say he’s egotistical, arrogant, self-centred, whatever. That may be true, but the man has created some absolutely amazing music, both in front of and behind the mic. If we judge someone’s headline slot worthiness based solely on the size of the artist, they don’t come much bigger than Kanye. Love him or hate him, there is no denying the man is a global superstar.

Putting that to one side though, the request to replace him with a rock band is just silly. Glastonbury does not classify itself as a rock festival, so who says the headliners have to be rock bands? Glastonbury has always put on an incredibly diverse range of musical acts, and that is part of the beauty of it. If you don’t like a certain act, don’t worry, there are literally hundreds more you have to choose from. It’s not like everyone who doesn’t want to see Kanye perform will spend their Saturday night sat in an empty field, with nothing to keep them company but half a pint of warm cider and their own misery.

If you don’t like Kanye and don’t want to see him perform at Glastonbury, that’s fine. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Foo Fighters so will be skipping their slot on Friday night and seeing what other delights Mr Eavis has put on for us. For the people who genuinely, truly believe that Kanye West doesn’t deserve the headline slot, either because you don’t like his personality or don’t think a rapper deserves to be headliner, maybe you’ll have more fun at Reading or Leeds or somewhere slightly more your style. How about you sell your ticket and leave Glastonbury to the more open minded, eh?

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