Five things you should be listening to this weekend (Vol. 30)

Well, it’s time for another of everyone’s favourite type of weekend, a Bank Holiday weekend. Three days off work to lie in, get boozy, and generally do whatever you want. Unless you don’t work in a standard Monday to Friday role and have to work this weekend. In which case, sucks to be you – I’ll have an extra drink in your honour.

Here are my five things you should be listening to this weekend.


Honne – Top To Toe

I’ve been looking forward to Honne‘s new EP ever since I first came across the duo, and was not disappointed when they released it earlier this month. Coastal Love is four tracks worth of smooth, sultry hits, filled with crooning vocals, trippy synths and soulful influences throughout.

Jordan Rakei x Kiran Kai – Maya

Keeping with the soulful vibe, up next we’ve got Maya, the latest release from Jordan Rakei, who teamed up with South London’s Kiran Kai for this record. Maya is effortlessly smooth, with Jordan Rakei showing off his gorgeous falsetto over some insanely funky chords and bouncing drums.

Atlas Bound – Landed On Mars

Landed on Mars is the latest song from Australian duo, Atlas Bound, which keeps in line with the mellow, chill vibe they’re known for. According to the duo’s Facebook page, we can expect an EP from them in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

XO – Flames of a Phoenix

19 year old producer/songwriter/singer XO made quite the impression in 2014, and it looks as though his success is set to continue throughout this year, with his next EP, The Ethereal Experience, set to drop on 20th July. Flames of a Phoenix is a funky, summer-ready hit, just waiting to get you dancing.

Wayne Snow – Rosie

We’ll round things off this week with Rosie, the latest release from Nigerian born vocalist Wayne Snow. Rosie has elements of jazz/funk/soul and all sorts of other wonderful influences running through, and is pretty much musical seduction. So, call up someone special, dim the lights, light some candles, crack open that fancy bottle of wine you’ve been saving, lay down by the fire, put this track on and let the good times roll.