Greggs have changed the game with a bacon sandwich scented candle

We’re living in a pretty incredible time right now guys. An age of 3D televisions, driverless cars, robotic vacuum cleaners and delivery drones. If you have a crazy idea of something that can make your life that little bit better or easier, you can bet that somebody has already started working on it, or there are a bunch of people just waiting to donate to your next Kickstarter campaign. I mean, some guy managed to raise over $55,000 to make some potato salad. He started off asking for $10, and people donated over $55,000! This actually happened, so basically, the sky’s the limit.

The latest ground breaking innovation has just been announced, and boy is it good. Finally, somebody has created the ultimate home fragrance accessory, a bacon sandwich scented candle. Back in 2013, an American company created KFC scented candles, and we all thought things couldn’t get any better, but now we have all been proven wrong. Because at the end of a hard day at work, what better way to kick back and unwind than by lighting up a candle and having your nostrils teased by the glorious, wonderful smell of bacon?


And who created this life changing product, I hear you cry? None other than the nation’s favourite purveyor of lukewarm pasties and sausage rolls, Greggs.

I’ve always loved Greggs. When you’re walking home from work and feel a little bit peckish, Greggs is there. When you’ve spent the day wandering around shop after shop in town and just can’t take it anymore, Greggs is there. When you forget to take your lunch to work and fancy a treat, Greggs is there. And now this. Thank you, Greggs, you truly are visionaries.

Unfortunately, according to the official Greggs Twitter account, these wonderous candles aren’t currently for sale, but just the fact that someone over at Greggs HQ had the idea to create them gives me hope for the future. In an often scary, ever changing world, we can all take some solace in the fact that Greggs are still pushing the boundaries and coming up with game changing ideas like this.