Five things you should be listening to this weekend (Vol. 38)

Technically it’s still summer, but you wouldn’t know from looking outside today. It may only be the middle of August, but that hasn’t stopped us being hit with some absolutely biblical rainstorms. But who cares, eh? It’s basically the weekend anyway. So, shut the blinds, pour yourself a drink, crank up the volume and pretend you’re somewhere warm and sunny. Here are my five things you should be listening to this weekend.


Medasin – Coffee (Feat. Masego)

I don’t know about you, but I find it nearly impossible to function as a grown-up human before I’ve had my first coffee of the day (milk, no sugar, if you’re offering). Coffee has a unique ability of making you feel completely chilled and wide awake at the same time, ready to take on the world. This track from Medasin and Masego has the same effect, flawlessly blending jazz, soul and hip hop vibes into the perfect track to kick start your weekend with.

Stormzy – You’re Like

Stormzy has already made a name for himself in the grime world, but his latest release shows us a completely different site to him. You’re Like samples Alex Isley’s 2013 single, “About Him” and kicks off with Stormzy singing acapella – it’s a change from the norm, but no less impressive.

Chance The Rapper – Israel (Sparring) (Feat. Noname Gypsy)

While there is no doubting that Chance The Rapper is an incredible, multi-talented artist in his own right, he’s never been one to hog the spotlight. Just look at his most recent project, Surf, where he took on just one role as part of the wider group, The Social Experiment. Israel, which he released earlier this week, shows him highlighting new talent yet again, this time in the form of Noname Gypsy.

Hermitude – Ukiyo (Feat. Pell)

Our next track comes from Australian duo, Hermitude, who have been enlisting the help of a couple of US rappers to feature on bonus tracks on the American release of their latest album, Dark Night Sweet Light. Hermitude features New Orleans native Pell, who I featured on here back in February. Pell’s laid back flow works perfectly with Hermitude’s chilled, understated production.

Klepto DJ & Murkage Dave – Stay Ready

Stay Ready is the latest mix from Manchester legends, Klepto DJ and Murkage Dave, and is packed full of noughties bangers. But my words couldn’t do it justice, so I’ll let them provide a more fitting intro… “This one’s for the main chicks, the side chicks, to all the hustlers out there getting money. For the students going HAM in the house parties, not giving a shit. All the independent women, with their own car, own crib. From the streets, to the jeeps, to the sheets, stay ready.”