Let all your troubles melt away with this piano cover of Frank Ocean’s Blonde

After a four year wait and multiple false alarms, Frank Ocean finally released Blonde in August last year. The stars aligned and the internet rejoiced!

Considering how long of a gap he’d left between his previous projects, we’ve seen a surprising amount of activity from Frank in recent months, from his feature on Calvin Harris’ Slide to his own tracks like Chanel, Biking and Lens. It never rains but it pours, eh.

Well, the good times just keep on coming! Earlier this week, DJ Booth uncovered what can only be described as a hidden gem. Simply titled Piano Tribute to Frank Ocean, the 50 minute record is a stripped back rendition of the album, performed entirely on piano.

The end result is something truly special. It’s basically the musical equivalent of a bubble bath after a long, hard day. So sit back, relax and let all your troubles melt away.

According to DJ Booth, the album has been available on Spotify and Apple Music since 19th March, but has somehow managed to fly under the radar until now. Nobody seems to know who the mysterious Blond Piano is, but with all the attention this is suddenly getting, it wouldn’t surprise me if we found out pretty soon.

Until then, we can only wonder.