Cass Art hosts Liam Dickinson: Portraiture and the Urban Landscape

Cass Art, the latest addition to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, has a simple goal. It can be found in the first line of its manifesto, printed above the entrance to the store, and written on the walls inside.

Let’s fill this town with artists.

This could be seen as a lofty ambition, but Cass Art seem fully committed to achieving their goal. As well as offering an impressive array of art supplies to keep current artists happy, they also seem determined to inspire the next generation.

The shop itself is light and airy, with the friendly, welcoming staff happy to answer any questions you may have. While the in-house art space in the basement offers opportunities for local creatives to showcase their work, host exhibitions, run workshops or other events for free.

This weekend saw the venue host Chorley-based artist Liam Dickinson, who was a finalist in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2017. The exhibition, Portraiture and the Urban Landscape, is described as the following:

“The work exhibited here explores opposing genres of painting – portraits and landscapes – but with a common goal of capturing light, colour and movement. Through painting, Liam gives fresh context to seemingly mundane subject matter, be it the glow of brake lights in busy traffic or the reflections in raid sodden streets and window panes.”

The exhibition runs until Sunday 7th May and is free to enter. Chances are if you spend any time in the Northern Quarter you’ll walk past sooner or later, so it’s well worth popping in to check it out. They’re also holding an official launch event on 6th and 7th May, where guests can get discounts, free art supplies and other treats.